Arafat and AIDS

Last year when I first started blogging I ran across this article on Yassir Arafat while he was still reported to be in a coma in France before his death. I thought it was shocking news since I had never heard it before, “including eye witness reports of his sexual encounters”, so I posted it and have linked to it below…

Does Arafat have AIDS?

Today Powerline is reporting the story, again, in their “Arafatistan Section”. Apparently, there is still much speculation and many questions unanswered.


Haaretz today says it was either AIDS, an infection or poisoning.

More information was released this week from publication of medical reports which failed to pinpoint a precise cause for the Palestinian leader’s demise.

These points were taken from “Mystery of Arafat Takes New Twist”:

* Both the New York Times and Israel’s Haaretz newspaper said Thursday that the immediate cause of death was a haemorrhage, but concluded that the underlying cause of infection remains unclear from the medical report.

* “A discussion among a large number of medical experts… shows that it is impossible to pinpoint a cause that will explain the combination of symptoms that led to the death of the patient.”

* But an author of a new book concludes, “There are three possible causes of death: infection from a germ that poisoned the blood, AIDS or poisoning.”

* AIDS expert, Professor Johnny Gershoni, AIDS specialist at Tel Aviv University, said “The symptoms described in the report were typical of AIDS.”

* The family also refused a request from French doctors, four days before Arafat died, for a liver biopsy, which Isacharov again charges was intended to draw a veil over the cause of death.

* The records show Arafat did not receive antibiotics until October 27, or 15 days after he fell ill and only two days before he went to hospital, probably too late to save him.

* More experts concluded that poisoning was highly unlikely and said rumours of AIDS were unfounded, although they recognised the omission of any mention of an AIDS test, was “bizarre”.

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