Today's Blogosphere Greatest Hits!

Publius Pundit is exceptional as usual again today!

Robert Mayer discusses the massive Anti-Expulsion Rally in Tel Aviv and his agreement with Natan Sharansky on the pullout from Gaza.

A.M. Mora y Leon has a posting with pictures of the Chavez Youth Festival.


Andrew at Siberian Light is excited about the possibility that Jailed Yukos boss Mikhail Khodorkovsky says he is considering standing for election to the State Duma! He has more HERE on the story.

Also, a World War II bomber has been found in Siberia!

JP at Americans for Freedom has more on “one of the biggest intelligence failures in the history of the country”, the “wall”, Jamie Gorelick, Bill Clinton and Mohammed Atta.

California Conservative has news on a “brain dead” decision on political correctness.

Mongo comments on the The Silent Voices of Stalin’s Soviet Holocaust and Mao’s Chinese Holocaust who were the most ruthless killers from the 20th Century.

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