The Jane & George Show

** Jane Fonda will appear with George Galloway on September 18th. **

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In an introductory speech in Madison for antiwar British politician and author George Galloway, actress Jane Fonda is making her first public statement against the occupation of Iraq.

Fonda is scheduled to give her 20-minute introduction to Galloway, a Member of Parliament, at the Wisconsin Union Theatre Sept. 18 at 7 p.m. She is also scheduled to speak the following night in Chicago as Galloway continues his national speaking tour.

Chris Dols, the local organizer for Galloway’s tour, said that these two speeches are the only that Fonda will give with Galloway, who was expelled from the Labor Party after making remarks opposing the Iraq invasion in 2003.

Dols said that Fonda, a prominent activist against the Vietnam War, decided to join Galloway to “help give him a stage and raise his profile.”

Huh?… The first time Jane Fonda “will give a public statement against the occupation of Iraq”? That’s a joke! Poor Jane hasn’t changed that much since she was riding on North Vietnamese tanks (VIDEO HERE)!

As for Sir Galloway, he created an uproar three weeks ago with his comments while on a Middle Eastern trip, saying… “Israeli Mossad is working in Iraq training U.S. forces on how to demolish homes!”

He also spoke of “poor Iraqis” using the most basic weapons to write the names of their towns “in the stars” regarding the terrorists in Iraq.

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