"The Great Raid" Opens in Philippines


The Philippines has anxiously waited for this day to arrive and it is here. “The Great Raid” the movie epic about the the greatest rescue mission in American history is opening today in the Philippines.

American Rangers and Filipino Guerillas joined together over 50 years ago in World War II to rescue the remaining soldiers from the Bataan Death March. Now, “The Great Raid” gets US and Filipinos together again to replay this historic rescue in a new film:

* I have written about this the last two days because it is one of the only war films that Hollywood has managed to produce and release (this film after a two year wait!) of late that shows the US military in a positive light without damning the actions of our soldiers or our country. Hopefully, this won’t be the last! *

The Philippines is very proud to be a part of this story. Actor Cesar Mondano is the first Filipino actor to cross over to Holywood:

Cesar narrated: “I told our trainer that Filipino guerrillas fought in the same spirit, for the same cause, as American soldiers. He thought for a while, and said, ‘I wish I could speak that way. I tell you now, you’ll also be given dog tags.’ All of us Filipinos cheered.”

The actor displayed for the news cameras the dog tags that bore his character’s name.

“These and my boot camp certificate are precious to me,” he said. “Training was rigorous. I lost about 10 pounds.”

Food was rationed and sleep was a luxury as enemy soldiers “invaded” the camp unannounced at night and engaged them in fire fights using blanks, said Cesar.

“We only had drinking water, none for baths,” he said. “Imagine how we smelled after two weeks.”

But on Friday, Cesar smelled only of success. The first major Filipino actor to cross over to Hollywood, Cesar still has a two-picture contract with Miramax.

Montano is getting top billing in the Philippines.

Montano is joined by a number of other talented Filipinos:

“Montano was joined by a number of other Filipino actors, including Ebong Joson in the role of the real-life Captain Joson. During casting, it was noted that Ebong shared his last name with the character he was auditioning for. It was only when Ebong accepted the part that he realized . . . he was playing his own grandfather.”

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Update: (Monday) Welcome to the Polipundit readers who Alexander K. McClure sent over. I like the comment, “A beautiful, patriotic, American classic!” Alright!

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