St. Louis "Cindy Protests" a Bust

In today’s Wall Street Opinion Journal there is a piece titled,

“She Does Not Speak for Me”

Ronald F. Griffin, who lost a son in Iraq, pretty much gets right to the point. Ronald begins, “I lost a son in Iraq and Cindy Sheehan does not speak for me.”


Apparently, he is not alone. Last night the camera crews were out in force in St. Louis waiting for the huge “Cindy Vigil” down on Grand and Lindell Streets. But, to their disappoinment, they went home empty handed. There were no pictures slapped on the front page or any page of the Post Dispatch this morning. There was no notice on the 10 PM news. The rest of the country may have had their “Cindy Hour” but St. Louis was a bust.

No one showed up!

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