Saving Cindy

Here is a silly article, by silly liberals chastising Republicans for saying mean things about their silly prop and sad mouthpiece, Cindy Sheehan.

Limbaugh, Coulter, Liddy, Hitchens, Barone continue attacks on Cindy Sheehan

In the liberals convoluted world of reality, it is your right to say anything about anything or anyone without being held accountable. It has always been this way for liberals. But, this goes double or triple if have been victimized or if someone in your family has been victimized. It fits in well with their “the person is not responsible” belief system.

So, now that word is out that Cindy Sheehan shares the same weird views as that of the left 2% of the population, including Michael Moore (who she writes for) and Dennis Kucinich, and Code Pink, the Leftists are fuming. According to the “she’s a victim” policy, Cindy should never, ever be questioned for her outrageous statements, because of course, … she is a victim.

The reality is that Casey her hero son was the victim and he is being victimized today by her use of his name in promotion of her leftist agenda. You can bet this hero who voluteered for service would not approve.

Silly and sad, indeed.

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