Sacrificial Saddam

So is this the world media working to make Saddam out to be a victim?

A letter written by the Butcher of Baghdad sent to a family friend in Jordan was published this morning in world papers.

Saddam says that he is willing to sacrifice himself for Palestine and the lovely and unhappy Iraq.

The letter was delivered to the International Order of the Red Cross who said it was authentic. Here is more:

“I and my family offer ourselves as a sacrifice for this nation, including dear Palestine and our steadfast, beloved, and wretched Iraq,” he writes.

“Life without faith, love and the inherited traditions of our nation is destruction.

“He who sacrifices his property and soul for his nation is but doing a little because this nation deserves much to be done.”

He ends the letter: “Long live Palestine. Love your nation.”

The letter was taken first to a friend of the former president – who does not want to be identified – before being published in Ad-Dustour and al-Arab al-Yawm newspapers.

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