Rove, Plame, Air America and Yellow Cake

I am starting a rumor!

I am not sure exactly how it is going to go, but it will include Karl Rove, Valerie Plame, Yellow Cake of some sort, and Air America. I figure this way it will garner some national media attention.

Thus far the “Air America- Child Theft Scam” has failed to get much mainstream media attention. It is really too bad that it deals with Democrats, Democrat Deejays, at a Democrat Radio Channel, Democrat contributors, Democrat scammed constituents, in Democrat voting states, in Democrat voting neighborhoods,… or it may get some play.

Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin and Investors Business Daily (no offense, but not exactly the top three vote getters in the People’s Choice Awards!) are now challenging the mainstream media to start doing their job and report something on this $700,000 child theft scandal. We will see.

It took the MSM about four months to notice there were other veterans from swiftboats out there besides the ones that shared the stage at the Democratic Convention in Boston. Maybe we just need to wait a few more months!

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