Bolton Appointed- World Reacts

President Bush appointed in recess John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations. As expected, their was much reaction to this move. Kofi Annan comes off with the quote of the day, a classic:

“I think it is all right for one ambassador to come and push, but an ambassador always has to remember that there are 190 others who will have to be convinced, or a vast majority of them, for action to take place,” Annan said.

That’s right, Kofi! Mr. Bolton MUST REMEMBER that representatives from Syria, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Libya, Venezuela,… need to be convinced before action will take place. That’s right! Kofi spells out himself why a “John Bolton” is needed at the UN.

Another win for Bush, but how sad that our president had to appoint the qualified candidate in recess due to democrats once again putting politics before the well being of the country. And, to make sure that no one forgets this, the democrats were out working against the country again with their comments today. Making Bolton appear weak certainly does not help our country in “working with” the thugs at this corrupt behemoth.

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