"Bang for your Buck" Blogs

JackLewis.net sent an analysis of the best blogs to advertise with if you want to get the most bang for your buck. Here is how he explains this…

I have been thinking about advertising on BlogAds, but I wanted to make sure that I would make the most of what I spend. I wanted to compare the rates with the actual daily traffic of the blogs. BlogAds has a running traffic of the blogs, but that’s a total count, starting from when they joined up. I have a list of the average daily unique visits I grabbed occasionally from The Truth Laid Bare Ecosystem and use with the Why Blog Survey.

The solution was to write a script that would use the info from BlogAds (they conveniently use a nicely formatted javascript code that loads on the order page) and compare it with the traffic listings from TTLB. The results are interesting. I wanted the most visitors for my advertising buck, but also to know how many other ads would be in that space. There are other variables that are a bit more subjective so I couldn’t factor them into the script.

Here are the results:

The analysis of the cost of 100 visitors per a monthly rate

The analysis of the cost of 100 visitors per a three month rate

FYI- “The GP” is a great buy if you are looking to advertise! Or, in the words of Robert Mayer, “A Very Sexy Blog”. But, even if you are not thinking of buying space on “The GP”, please click on the ads in the side bar and show your support to the Gateway Pundit sponsors. It is appreciated.

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