Al Qaida Prints Travel Guide

So you want to go from an Arab State through Syria and into Iraq to fight the infidels? Well, now there is a travel guide written with your needs in mind, via the New York Post:

An al Qaeda guide obtained by The Post urges wannabe terrorists to shave their beards, pretend they are going fishing, and bring cash to bribe local police when traversing Syria on their way to Iraq.
The tip sheet, titled “The Road Through Syria to Jihad in Iraq,” was written by someone calling himself al-Muhajir al-Islami — or “The Islamic Immigrant” — who claims, in his Internet chat-room post, that he once lived on the Syria-Iraq border.

Clearly, the Syrian government is “unable or unwilling” to shut down the terror pipeline, said terrorism consultant Evan Kohlmann, who found and translated the guide.

The terrorist’s best route to Iraq is through Syria’s Dayr az-Zawr Province, said the guide, which is being studied by U.S. intelligence.

“When you enter Syria, do not hesitate to offer bribes to the police because they are used to it,” Islami advises jihadists.

“If anyone asks, say you are here on a vacation and have come to go

Look for the follow-up edition, “Traveling Light down the Jihad Road!”

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