West Virginia Democrats Charged with Vote Buying

Glen D. Adkins, “Hound Dog”, is charged with conspiracy to buy votes in West Virginia

Logan County Clerk Glen D. Adkins (left) exits the Robert C. Byrd Federal Courthouse in Charleston with his attorney, Dwane Tinsley, following his arrest Thursday, July 21st. As with past election fraud probes, the latest case targets solely Democrats, who dominate the voter rolls and local governments through the region.

At least one dozen democrats have been charged with voter fraud in Logan and neighboring Lincoln County is west Virginia:

Federal grand jurors allege one person conspiring to keep the political support of Logan County Clerk Glen D. Adkins paid more than $4,000 for the college tuition of one of Adkins’ relatives, as well as cash to be placed on Adkins’ political slate.


Adkins was brought into a federal courtroom in Charleston Thursday shackled at the ankles after being arrested on a federal charge of conspiring to buy votes. He was released on a personal recognizance bond.

Adkins allegedly took money from other people known to the grand jury to buy votes for candidates on slates he and others supported.

Adkins is the latest person to be arrested in the election fraud probe that began last year in Logan County and spread to neighboring Lincoln County. A dozen other people have been charged, including Lincoln County Circuit Clerk Greg Stowers, who has pleaded not guilty to conspiring to buy votes.

Last year, John Mendez resigned as Logan County sheriff after pleading guilty to election fraud and Logan attorney Mark Hrutkay was sent to jail after admitting paying to help get his former wife, Delegate Lidella Hrutkay, D-Logan, on a political slate.

It alleges that in 1992, he took about $2,000 in cash from two people to buy votes for unidentified candidates for Logan County sheriff and the House of Delegates, along with other candidates on a slate backed by the co-conspirators.

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