The "Blame the US Crowd" Releases Report

The leftists in the West think that the wise thing to do would be to lay down and wet all over yourself in the face of terrorism. Thankfully they are not making the decisions and only the distractions at this time.

Here is another leftist report blaming “US” for the terrorist attacks in London. This report out today is getting some press from the leftist Western media outlets. Of course its based on white puffy clouds and nebulous opinion over anything factual which is irritating. But, what does make it worth reading is the response by British Defence Secretary John Reid who said:

“And the idea that somehow by running away from the school bully, then the bully will not come after you is a thesis that is known to be completely untrue by every kid in the playground and it is also refuted by every piece of historical evidence that we have.”


“Terrorism goes way back to the late 1980s and the early 1990s.”

But the report said Islamic terrorists had only become recognised as a threat in the late 1990s.

Well put! Sir John! Well put!

Update: Whoever did the above report should have looked at these polling results first!

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