Terrorists Declare "We Are Not Terrorists"

The terrorists from Palestine decided they were not terrorists at a luncheon Friday.

After a luncheon meeting in Damascus, Syrian and Palestinian Leaders from all of the various Palestinian resistance groups opposed to reaching compromise with Israel did agree on one thing:

The main emphasis in joint communique of the two presidents at the end of the ceremony seems to be on the sensitive point that “The Palestinians are not terrorists!”


The message seems to be mainly addressed to the US and Israeli leaders who keep accusing the Palestinian resistance groups of terrorist tendencies.


Secretary General of Palestinian Nation’s Campaign Front Khalid Abdul-Majid, one of the guests at the presidential lunch ceremony, said in an interview with IRNA, “President Assad’s main emphasis in his address at this ceremony was that Syria’s efforts have always been aimed at promotion of national solidarity among Palestinians.”

According to Abdul-Majid, “One of the obvious feed backs of President Assad’s initiative in gathering Palestinians from all various parts of the Palestinian political spectrum was finding out that the whole Palestinian nation unanimously believes in the need to keep fighting against occupation and to restore the Palestinians’ denied natural rights, including the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to their motherland.”

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