Surprise! MSM Roots for Lefty Blogs!

USA Today came out with a ridiculous piece of slanted prose today that sent my “Bias Meter” over the threshold!

After the non-stop “Farcegate” coverage the past couple of weeks over the non-issue with Karl Rove and the ridiculous “study” this morning passed as fact from the BBC, this comedy piece, “Bloggers on your Mark!” from USA Today, put me over the top!

I am working with the Powerline Principles of Peace but … it’s just not helping very much right now!

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe…

From USA Today:

…There are plenty of other examples of how bloggers on both sides of the political aisle, when aroused, have sunk their teeth into an issue or person in the news…

Huh? Leftist bloggers are good at sinking their pointed teeth into a person, that’s for sure!… But, why is this guy comparing that to Rathergate or Swiftboat Vets Telling the Truth? Show me where they have made a significant change in policy or issue?

Jeff Gannon/Guckert?…is not a policy change! It is not a retraction! It was not important! He only stuck out because in the Den of Bush-Haters who go to the Presidential briefings, his one or two conservative questions made him look like a monkey in the room. (and, don’t start with that “Chimpy Bush” crap!)… Jeff Gannon/Guckert was nothing more than character assassination by the Left. In fact that is all the leftist bloggers are… an exaggeration of the usual personal attacks that you get “live and in person”. Nothing else!

Which brings me to his opening point:

Left-wing bloggers discredited Ed Klein’s book, The Truth About Hillary, so fiercely that even Clinton haters called the book a hatchet job.

Again, Huh?… This is the proof that he doesn’t follow the blogs. It was the right blogs as well as the left blogs that discreditied The Truth About Hillary. Michelle Malkin is one voice that comes to mind. To say that the left discredited this man is just dishonest reporting.

The fact that this guy compares the right and left blogosphere is proof that he has never gone further than Daily Koz or Democratic Underground if he’s been to a blog at all!

The Right remains on top, clear and simple! “Volume” does not trump “success”!

“Farcegate” will be the left’s next loss. Lots of volume,… lots of smoke and bubbles, but no substance. The left is wanting so badly to have a win. But that win is off in the horizon, just like the next Red State to go Blue!

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