St. Louis Democratic Convictions Are Adding Up

Since the November elections 16 individuals in the St. Louis area have been convicted of voter fraud or election violations.

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In the last 7 months in the St. Louis Metro Area here is a slice of what we have witnessed:

Nov. 18: Nine precinct committeemen appear before a federal grand jury probing vote fraud during the Nov. 2 election.

December: In St. Louis Six volunteers pleaded guilty in December of dozens of election law violations for filling out the cards with names of the dead and other bogus information. One still faces charges.

January 21: Kelvin Ellis, a top administrator at East St. Louis City Hall, was indicted for plotting to kill a witness in the year long East St. Louis, Illinois federal vote fraud investigation.

February 10: In St. Louis Nonaresa Montgomery was found guilty by a jury of perjury in a trial in St. Louis Circuit Court in the St. Louis vote fraud trial.

March 22: Precinct committeemen Leroy Scott Jr., 46; Lillie Nichols, 51; Terrance R. Stith, 43; and his wife, precinct worker Sandra Stith, 54; plead guilty to one count each of vote-buying.

March 23: The chairman of the East St. Louis Democratic Central Committee and councilman Charles Powell Jr. is charged with conspiracy to commit election fraud. Charged with conspiracy as well as election fraud are East St. Louis City Hall employees Jesse Lewis, Sheila Thomas, Kelvin Ellis, and Yvette Johnson.

June 29: All five defendants are convicted on all counts.

That comes out to 16 different Democrats convicted of election violations in the last 7 months in the St. Louis area!

And, one Democrat is still being held for attempted murder (trial scheduled for Oct. 17) of a government witness!

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