Schumer's Dumba$$ Questions

THIS VIDEO posted by Trey Jackson from Jackson’s Junction is a likely indicator of what we can expect from Senate liberals in the coming battle for the open Supreme Court Seat.

Trey notes that Senator Orrin Hatch (R- UT) was not amused with Senator Schumer’s (D-NY) antics:

(as seen on Hannity and Colmes)


Judiciary Chairman Orrin Hatch praised Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer of New York for asking “intelligent” questions, but then Hatch switched gears…

“Some [of his questions] I totally disagree with,” Hatch of Utah said. “Some I think are dumbass questions, between you and me. I am not kidding you. I mean, as much as I love and respect you, I just think that’s true.”

A stunned Schumer asked if he heard the chairman correctly, to which Hatch said yes. Again, Schumer asked Hatch if he would like to “revise and extend his remark,” congressional speak for change his mind.

A former trial attorney, Hatch replied: “No, I am going to keep it exactly the way it is. I mean, I hate to say it. I mean, I feel badly saying it between you and me. But I do know dumbass questions when I see dumbass questions.”

In the above photo Senator Frist (R-TN) pledges support to Judge John G. Roberts today outside of the Capital Building.

Instapundit adds that we can count on dumba$$ questions like Schumer’s.

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