"Saddam the Victim"… Are you buying it?

This could possibly will be the liberal litmus test of the year! The Pack of Thugs representing Saddam Hussein said that the poor, defenseless, “Butcher of Baghdad” was attacked in court the other day.

Reuters reported today that the former Iraqi dictator was attacked by an unidentified man during his appearance at a court hearing in Baghdad on Thursday.

According to the statement, the dictator and the man threw punches at each other in court: “As the president stood to leave the courtroom one of those present attacked him and there was an exchange of blows between the man and the president,” Reuters quoted from the statement, which added that the head of the tribunal did nothing to stop the assault.

The tribunal, however, adamantly denied the charges.

So, we now see the defense strategy of “Team Saddam”. Make Saddam out to be the victim! That is just sick!

It will be interesting, though, to see who from the Left migrates over to Saddam’s corner. It is only a matter of time before this happens, it’s not a question of “if”. There is no way this trial will conclude without a few(?) hardcore Leftists having a hissy-fit over the mass murderer. Do you suppose we will see these guys in the court room?

And, what do you suppose the next accusation will be by the defense team? That Saddam was forced to wear women’s underwear on his head?

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