Razorback Terrorist

A chemisty student at the University of Arkansas thought he could use his chemistry degree best in making chemical weapons for Islamic Jihad:

Arwah Jaber, a University of Arkansas graduate student, has been charged in U.S. District Court with planning to travel to the Palestinian territory to fight in a holy war and provide support to a foreign terrorist organization.

Jaber, a naturalized citizen born in the West Bank, was working toward his doctorate in chemistry.


On May 11, Jaber emailed one of his professors that he could not graduate in May as he had hoped:

“I decided to take an honorable job in Palestine with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization to pursue a more noble cause – freedom, justice and peace for the Palestinians and to fight the Israeli terrorism.”

Jaber admitted to federal authorities he told his professor his knowledge of chemistry would help the Jihad cause.

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