Neo-Lib Jabber-wokkie

The latest theory from the left uses Theory #1 of “Another Rovian Conspiracy” and takes it to a whole new level:

ANC Theory #1- As a Lefty online discussion thread grows longer, the probability of a nefarious reference to Karl Rove approaches one.

This weekend the left thinks that is has finally found the golden pot at the end of their Bush-hating rainbow that will have Karl Rove frog-marched out of the White House and George Bush leap-frogging right behind him.


Michael Isikoff, the “Koran in the toilet” writer from Newsweek and the man behind the deaths of fourteen Afghanis, has jumped into the anti-Bush/Rove flames.

The real kicker is that Rove did speak to Time magazine as the neo-libs say, but he did not leak the name of the CIA agent.

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