Muslims Need to Get Creative

Children in India pass an idea to London officials…

Another week, and numerous Islamic terrorist attacks, not just in London, but across the globe…

Saturday, July 226 killed in Iraq attacks

Tuesday, July 5Indian Shrine Attacked

Tuesday, July 5Iraq Al Qaida targets Shiite militia

Tuesday, July 5Ambassadors targeted in Iraq attacks

Tuesday, July 5Iraq Attacks on oil facilities cost US $12 billion

Wednesday, July 6Al-Zarqawi tape defends Iraq attacks

Thursday, July 7London Bombed by Terrorists

Friday, July 8Al-Qaeda militants murder Egyptian ambassador to Iraq

So,… what is the world to think? And why is it news that Muslim groups would be concerned for their own safety? And once again, the world is wondering where the outrage is in the Muslim community?

Where are the Muslim leaders that are going to demonstrate against all of the Muslim violence? Where are the Muslim demonstrators lining the streets in the West to denounce these attacks? Irfan Yusef is also asking the right questions…

And how should we Western Muslims respond? Should we cry discrimination? Should we remind our fellow citizens that we are just as English or American or French or Australian as they are?

Or should we appreciate their fears and uncertainties? Should we empathise with their feelings of vulnerability as they feel besieged by what appears to be yet another attack by extremists using our faith (pdf file 1.62MB) as an ideological weapon?

When western citizens are kidnapped by extremists with Muslim-sounding names, the reputation of Islam is hijacked.

When western citizens are murdered and executed, Islam is also being murdered and executed. When western citizens are the target of injustice, Islam is treated unjustly.

Islam is a word that means “peace”. How can peace be established with bombs and suicide attacks and kidnappings? How can peace be spread through killing peaceful civilians?

Islam is a word that also means “surrender to God”. Our Lord never taught us to kill and maim civilians. Our God never taught us to harm people who do not harm us.

Why is it that children in India can demonstrate against terrorism, but Muslim adults can not? Why is it that Indian children can see that terrorism strikes everyone including Muslims, but Muslim adults can not? Where?… Where is the Muslim outrage?

Crossroads Arabia has the Saudi’s response to the London attacks.

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