London's Bus Bomb

Witnesses are saying that there was a homicide killer on the bus in London yesterday:

Witnesses said bodies were thrown into the street from the bus — crammed with commuters forced above ground after the capital’s Tube network was shut down.

Terence Mutasa, 27, a staff nurse at University College hospital, said: “I treated two girls in their 20s who were involved in the bus bomb.

“They were saying some guy came and sat down and that he exploded.” The girls received minor injuries and were in shock and distressed.

“They said the guy just sat down and the explosion happened. They thought it was a suicide bomber.”

Passenger Richard Jones was convinced he saw the bomber setting his device.

He said he became suspicious of the olive-skinned man because he looked anxious and was fiddling constantly with his bag.

Richard, 61, said: “I noticed him as he looked nervous. He was continually diving into his bag, rummaging round and looking in it. I did not see his face because he was constantly looking down.”

Richard stepped off the bus at his destination. Seconds later it exploded behind him — with the “bomber” still on board.

Jasmine Gardner, 22, was angry at not being allowed on the bus because it was too full — then seconds later saw it blown to bits.

Jasmine, who had angrily followed the bus on foot, put up her umbrella to try to protect herself from flying debris.

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