London Bomber Mastermind on the Lam

Aljazeera is reporting on the London Bombings “Mastermind”(?) today. My question is how much of a mastermind do you have to be to push a button on a crowded bus or subway? The mastermind was the cleric at the mosque who talked these middle class men, one with an 8 month old and another on the way, to go blow themselves up…

The British-born man in his 30s, of Pakistani origin, arrived at a UK port last month and left the country again the day before the attacks, on 7 July, The Times newspaper reported on Thursday.

security sources say they believe the mastermind was involved with previous “terrorist” operations and had links with followers of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida group in the United States.


It was believed he had visited the bombers in their home city of Leeds, and also identified targets on the London Underground railway system, where three of the four bombs exploded, the paper said.

Security sources also said he was likely to have trained the recruits in how to trigger their rucksack-carried bombs, three of which went off almost simultaneously at around 8.50am (0750 GMT), at the peak of Thursday morning’s rush hour.

Police are also seeking a possible fifth member of the bombers’ cell, who was also seen at Luton station, north of London, from where the attackers travelled into the capital.

The man, believed to also be of Pakistani origin, could still be at large in London, the paper said.

Police additionally want to interview an Egyptian-born university lecturer who was in Leeds until a few weeks ago.

The Muslim Council of Britain said it was stunned that those claiming to share its faith seemed to be behind the attacks. “Nothing in Islam can ever justify the evil actions of the bombers,” secretary-general Iqbal Sacranie said in a statement.

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