Kofi Sounding Bush-ish

* Gaddafi says “Stop Begging from the West”
* Kofi supports democratic changes
* Nigerian President Obasanjo says “Relieve all African debt”

Addressing the African Summit Conference in Libya it was hard to tell if this was George Bush or Kofi Annan you were listening to:

Addressing leaders of the African continent meeting today in Libya, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan announced the launch of a new initiative to financially support States undergoing the democratization process.

Mr. Annan told the African Union (AU) Summit in Sirte that the new UN Democracy Fund will provide assistance to countries seeking to establish or strengthen their democracy. “A number of Member States have already indicated their intention to contribute,” he said, voicing hope that others would follow their example.

“Almost all of you have made clear your commitment to the democratic process, and your willingness to be guided by the will of your people, as expressed in regular and fair elections, and through open, participatory governance,” he told the assembled participants. The Fund, he said, would help alleviate the strain that maintaining democratic institutions can place on poor countries’ resources.

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