Iran Lectures US on Human Rights

Thanks to Trey Jackson at Jackson’s Junction for this tidbit of news from Iran:

The Mullahs are saying the World is just, oh so, fed up with the extensive violation of human rights by the US!

Darn tootin!

George Bush made comments on July 13th condemning Iran’s detention of Iranian journalist, Akbar Ganji.

And here is Iran’s response:

Foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi reacting to interfering statement of US President George W. Bush, said, “The United States is talking about violation of human rights in Iran, while the whole world is disgusted of extensive violation of human rights in USA and by US government around the world”.

Issuing a statement on Tuesday, President Bush expressed regret over continuation of Iranian journalist Akbar Ganji’s imprisonment, asking for his “Immediate release” and proper medical treatment.

Referring to contradictory and deluding behavior of the US government concerning human rights, Asefi said, the White House, while commenting Iran for violation of human rights, ignored the fact that whole world is fed up with clear violations of such rights by US soldiers in detention center at Guantanamo US Naval Base, Iraq’s Abu Ghraib Prison and wide ethnic discriminations and spoiling minorities rights inside the US.

Thank you Dick Durbin and liberal democrats!

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