Golden Bear Bids Farewell


Jack Nicklaus (left) showed some excitement winning the 1980 US Open. Jack (on right) supported President Bush at a campaign rally in Ohio in the fall.

“The Golden Bear” said good bye to the game he loves and the game he helped build. He has been a fine role model for the sport and a terrific example of what it is to be a good and decent man. I won’t soon forget watching him play with my grandfather and father many Sunday afternoons so many years ago.


While Tiger Woods threatened to turn another British Open into a rout Friday, Nicklaus faded into retirement on an stirring, tear-filled day at St. Andrews, making birdie on the final hole of his competitive career.

“I knew the hole would move wherever I hit it,” Nicklaus quipped.

The last stroke of the ball didn’t matter on the scoreboard — the 14-footer gave Nicklaus an even-par 72 and a 3-over 147 for the two rounds, not nearly good enough to make the cut.

Nicklaus and Tiger Woods passed each other in the club house today:

“Nice playing,” Nicklaus said, extending his right hand.

“Thank you, sir,” Woods replied as they shook hands.

“You know, that’s my best round of the year!” Nicklaus said proudly.

“Really?” Woods said.

They exchanged a few more words, then Nicklaus left the podium.

“Good luck to you,” he said, patting Woods on the shoulder as he walked away.

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