Global Islamic Terror Attack Map

Prominent Global Islamic Terror Attacks

Powerline posted “A Map of Islamic Terrorism” this morning taken from The Sun which they confess by no means is complete. Among other things, it doesn’t include any of the terrorist attacks in Israel. The Sun writes:

More than 4,000 people have died as Islamic terrorism has spread across the world over the last decade. Here we highlight some of the worst atrocities.

But as I looked at the map I couldn’t help but notice a few of the most brutal World Islamic Terror Attacks (besides those in Israel?) are missing… So I added a few footnotes:


24.) June 5, 2003 – Two suicide bombers kill 14 at a Moscow Concert

Two female suicide bombers killed 14 people Saturday outside a rock festival near Moscow, Russian authorities said.

25.) – October 23, 2003 –The Moscow Theatre Seige

The building of the Dubrovka theater center in Moscow was seized by terrorists in the middle of a performance on Oct. 23, 2002. About a thousand people were taken hostage by the armed gang who demanded that Russian troops withdraw from Chechnya. Over three days, Russian MPs, celebrities, journalists and doctors held negotiations with the terrorists.

Several dozen hostages were released, but on Oct. 26 Russian troops launched an assault using a gas that has been blamed for the deaths of about 130 hostages.

Note: A practice video has been found this last month!

26.) August 24, 2004 – Twin Hijackings kill 94 passengers from Moscow.

Russia’s Interfax news agency has reported that a hijacking alarm was activated on one of two passenger jetliners that crashed over Russia in nearly simultaneous incidents.

As many as 94 people are feared killed.

Both planes took off from the same Moscow airport within minutes of each other late Tuesday and were bound for southwestern Russian cities.

A relative at the grave of a child murdered in Beslan. The child was attending the first day of classes of the new school year when terrorists stormed the building.

27.) September 1, 2004 – Beslan School Massacre

The three day hostage siege ended with over 200 dead and 531 hospitalized including 283 children:

Alla Gadieyeva, 24, who was taken captive with her 7-year-old son and mother, said the militants displayed terrifying brutality from the start. One gunman, whose pockets were stuffed with grenades, held up the corpse of a man just shot in front of hundreds of hostages and warned: “If a child utters even a sound, we’ll kill another one.”

When children fainted from lack of sleep, food and water, their masked and camouflaged captors simply sneered, she said, adding that adults implored children to drink their own urine in the intolerable heat of the gym.

She and other hostages said there was a little water but no food the first day. The hostages got nothing to eat or drink after that.

Gadieyeva told of three days of unspeakable horror — of children so frightened they couldn’t sleep, of captors coolly threatening to kill off hostages one by one. The gym where they were held was so cramped there was hardly room to move.

The lone surviving terrorist from the Beslan Massacre is still on trial in Russia. They had planned more attacks… similar to the first!

A complete timeline of the Beslan Massacre is posted at The Command Post.

28.) As for Israeli Victims of Terror, from September 29, 2000 until April 1, 2005:

** 1,065 people have been killed by Palestinian violence and terrorism since September 2000. **

These 11 young men, between the ages of 14-21, were killed when a car bomb blew up on December 1, 2001 in Jerusalem. They were out for a night of fun following the Sabbath. (From Hussein and Terror)

In one instance, Usama Muhammad Id Bahr and Nabil Mahmud Jamil Halbiyyah blew themselves up in Jerusalem’s Zion Square on December 1, 2001. Before setting off to “martyrdom,” they also left a car bomb set on a timer two blocks away. It exploded just as rescue workers and emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

** If these numbers are added to the total,
you have roughly 5,503 terror deaths! **

This is without the Israeli victims from before September 2000 or the other Russian deaths from numerous Chechen attacks. And, of course this does not include the deaths in Iraq from Muslim Extremists.

Note 1: For those of you that may say that the Chechens involved are “Separatists” and not “Terrorists”, I refer you to an article from “Winds of Change” after the Beslan Massacre. If you still have doubts here is a picture from one of their websites.

Note 2: Like The Sun this list is no way complete. Terrorists with links to Al Qaida in Chechyna have been involved in numerous other murders.

Note 3: I can only assume why The Sun would not include Palestinian, Chechen, or Iraqi terrorist victims in this terror count. You would have to ask them to get an answer.

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