G8 Protesters Ramp Up Efforts


100 arrests prior to G8 Conference

Protesters gather at the Royal Navy submarine base in Faslane, Scotland prior to the G8 to protest the amount of money that is spent on weaponry by G8 countries.

It didn’t take long for the peace activists and the anti-weaponry folk to start throwing bricks at police in Edinburgh, Scotland prior to the G8 Conference that is scheduled to start on Wednesday:


Up to 100 anti-G8 protesters were arrested in violent clashes with police in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, police said early on Tuesday.

Riot police said they were bombarded with paving stones and bricks during several hours of pitched battles with 1 000 police in the city centre late on Monday.
Many of the protesters were due to appear in court on Tuesday.

More than 20 protesters and some police officers were injured in the clashes, which brought the city centre to a standstill

Isn’t it funny how after a bottle of cheap Bum Wine and a joint you think you are just too clever and cute for clothes? I DO hope he made it to the other side of the road and found some clothes. Those jail benches get cold on your cheeks. (Not that I would know, or anything!)

The young, dirty protesters are determined to disrupt the event and many want to build a new economic system (?)…

Youth groups, peace protesters, anti-capitalists, anarchists, anti-globalization campaigners and environmental activists are among groups determined to disrupt the three-day summit of the Group of Eight industrialized nations.

“We will be mounting blockades with the aim of closing down the G8 summit and even the G8 itself,” veteran protester Marktold Reuters at one of the camps that have sprouted around thearea some 40 miles northwest of Edinburgh.

“G8 is the problem, not the solution,” said the German student dressed in jeans and a black T-shirt.


“We want to eradicate them and build a new economicsystem,” said the 28-year-old, who studies in England and cut his campaigning teeth during the violent protests that disrupted the WTO summit in Seattle in 1999.

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