Dutch Terror Trial- "We Are Too Soft"

The trial of the killer of Dutch Film Maker Theo Van Gogh continued on Tuesday:

During the first day of testimony on Monday the man accused of killing Dutch film producer Theo van Gogh quoted Arabic prayers at judges as his trial began in Amsterdam and walked out of court holding a Qur’an above his head.

On Tuesday, Bouyeri displayed contempt for the judges, prosecutors, psychologists and police. He yawned, stroked his beard, prodded his face with a pen and played an imaginary piano on his thighs…


Prosecutors said that Bouyeri shot Mr van Gogh on a busy Amsterdam street as the film-maker cycled to his office. Wounded, Mr van Gogh pleaded: “We can still talk about it! Don’t do it! Don’t do it.”

The court was told that Bouyeri shot his victim six times then slit his throat with a kitchen knife, severing Mr van Gogh’s neck down to the backbone before impaling to his chest with the knife a five-page note threatening other public figures.

Witness statements read in court described how he reloaded his gun then walked around a park before firing on a police vehicle, allegedly in an attempt to provoke a gunfight and die a martyr.

Mr van Gogh’s mother, Anneke, delivered a brief victim statement to the court. Her voice shaking, she said of Bouyeri: “He had the time to plan this, because for three years he was on unemployment benefits.”

Holland’s welfare society had one more surprise to offer. Two senior policemen involved in the final shootout with Bouyeri appeared in court to ask for €3,000 (£2,060) compensation for emotional distress.

But the scene disgusted two protesters, watching the hearing in T-shirts bearing images of Fortuyn and van Gogh. One of them, Marianne Houtzager, condemned the police for recalling how they hid on the floor of their car. “They acted like victims, not policemen. We are too soft.”

Brig de Ruyter told the court he was glad that Bouyeri was taken alive, adding: “I hope he will one day realise what he has done.” But in one of a handful of impromptu interventions he made during the hearing Bouyeri said he would never repent.

The trial opened up yesterday in Amsterdam.


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