Blogs Will Doom Dems in Court Battle

Ann Coulter was right! Today she said once on Sean Hannity’s radio show and later on “Hannity and Colmes” (pointing out Powerline’s great contributions) that blogs will prevent the Democrats from using their tool of choice “personal attacks and character assasination” in the upcoming Supreme Court Judicial nominee fight.

Tonight there is another article at Yahoo news that says something similar…

Blogs seen as powerful new tool in U.S. court fight

Political groups preparing to battle over the first U.S. Supreme Court nomination in 11 years have a powerful new tool — Internet blogs — to spread information quickly and influence decision makers without relying on traditional media.

Web logs likely numbering in the dozens(?) provide a way for the thoughtful and the passionate to publish their views. Politicians are taking notice as they prepare for the first high court nomination fight since the Internet became common in American households.

And, the advantage of course goes to the Republicans, because as Ann noted on Sean’s radio progream, the Republicans have a voice today… something they did not have when Bork was going through the process.

One other thing I noticed from the article:

“A key part of our strategy is reaching out to the Internet community,” said Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada.

Reid and other political leaders now hold conferences with bloggers in the same way they meet with traditional press.

If that is true, it’s scary! What could Reid and the Democrats possibly say… “I hate Bush!”… “We hate him too!” You know that they can’t talk policy because there is none,… unless you count personal attacks. Their Dean-like fanatacism is not helping the cause much.

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