Baghdad Drinks to Democracy

Despite threats from Hardliners, Baghdad alcohol venders say business is booming:

Selling liquor in Iraq is a dangerous business. Threats by militants have forced many sellers to go underground and ply their wares from secret locations, or to use a different business as a front for their alcohol trading. As Faris told IWPR, “Islamic groups kill those who sell alcohol.”

But even though they still cannot openly peddle their goods, alcohol sellers say business has been improving in the last few months.

Faris said that Iraqis were buying more alcohol because the security situation in his area has improved, since Iraqi forces cracked down on the insurgents. Now that militant activity has died down, people are less afraid of being attacked if they are found to be drinking. He described how young Iraqis drink inside their cars because of a lack of other places to hang out. Americans, meanwhile, like to buy imported wines from him.

Sounds like my younger days! Maybe Iraq is becoming too Americanized!

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