ACLU Continues Their American Jihad

Four “ACLU Hates America” stories in one day! Not a bad days work for the Anti-American bunch!

1 –ACLU Blames Gov’t for Abu Ghraib Delay

The American Civil Liberties Union accused the government Friday of putting another legal roadblock in the way of its bid to allow the public to see photographs and videos stemming from the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal.

2 –ACLU honors military lawyers for Guantanamo challenge

* It is the first time the ACLU has ever honored anybody in the military. *

3 –ACLU Says Lawmakers Failed to Protect the Constitution; House Approved Flawed Patriot Act Bill

4 –American Civil Liberties Union in the Garden State and New York City say the random subway inspections violate protections against unreasonable searches.

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