Saudis Seize Israeli Plant

Honorable Representatives of The Saudi Kingdom have seized a scrap metal plant in Saudi Arabia because it was bought from Israel:

The Saudi authorities have reportedly seized a scrap-shredder plant allegedly imported from Israel.

Under the Saudi laws, all Israeli items are banned in the kingdom.


The plant was dismantled and ferried on 17 trailers from Israel via Jordan. Abu Amir was appointed a customs clearing agent to handle the consignment in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi authorities got suspicious of the plant and found that the trade labels of the Israeli company were scratched, repainted and documents accordingly prepared to conceal the original identity of the equipment. Sources said Hussain met Saudi Customs authorities on April 15 along with a senior official to release the plant. The custom authorities told him that Israeli products were banned in Saudi Arabia.

The authorities have seized three trailers, while Nawaz is allegedly trying to bring the remaining 14 containers from Al-Zarqa Free Zone in Jordan through some other routes.

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