Russian Held for Bush Grenade Attack

Last month when President Bush was ejoying an exciting visit to the country Georgia (and even had time for some dancing, here), a grenade was tossed from the crowd at the event to within 100 feet from the stage that the president was speaking from. At first it was thought to be a fake but it was later discovered as an actual loaded grenade. Today Moscow News and Georgian television are reporting that they have arrested the attacker:

Georgian authorities may accuse a Russian military servicemen of throwing a hand grenade at U.S. President George W. Bush during his visit to Tbilisi on May 10, Georgian TV station Rustavi-2 reported.

Georgian and U.S. investigators brought to a conclusion the criminal case launched in connection with the attack. Although they have not commented on the case, two theories have emerged.

According to the first theory, the counter-intelligence service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has a photograph of the suspect. Law enforcers are searching for him and official statements will be made only after his arrest.

According to the second theory, the hand grenade thrown during the U.S. president’s speech in Tavisuplebis Moedani (Freedom Square) was tossed into the crowd by a Russian military serviceman. He was allegedly detained two weeks ago while trying to leave Georgia and now he is in the hands of the Americans. Witnesses of the attack, however, know nothing about the second version.

An official statement on specific details is expected in three to four days.

Update: Interfax is reporting that the attacker will be named soon.

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