Protests and Beatings in Bahrain

( This is an incredible video clip of Fridays protest for Constitutional reform in Bahrain. The music and words are straight from Bahrain! The protest starts at minute 3:30 of the clip and continues to minute 12:00 when the clip is over… There are literally thousands who attended the protest, it is very colorful and the background music is powerful! An amazing scene! )

Three protesters are still hopitalized after they were beaten by police in today’s rally.

After the protest and beatdown in Manama, Bahrain earlier today.

A protest in Manama, Bahrain was violently broken up by police today. 30 protesters were arrested:


Police arrested more than 30 Bahrainis demanding jobs in a demonstration in the Gulf Arab state on Sunday, rights activists and witnesses said.

“A group of about 50 unemployed and other sympathisers were demonstrating peacefully near the royal court when police harshly attacked them, beat them and arrested more than 30 of them,” human rights activist Nabeel Rajab told Reuters.

He said Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, head of the banned Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, was also beaten and arrested.

Human Rights Activist Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja was arrested this morning during along with 30 other demonstrators. He was released later in the evening.

Blogger Chan’ad Bahraini has pictures of the release of Al-Khawaja along with other demonstrators showing their welts by police. Apparently Abdulhadi al Khawaja was hit in the face which loosened his two front teeth. And I’ve been told that many of the people who were released are currently at the Public Prosecutor’s office trying to register their compaints against the police.

Thousands of Bahrainis marched on Friday for constitutional reforms in Harnad town.

The march was a part of the protest for constitutional reforms, the third in the monthly series. At all three protests an enlarged copy of the Ghuraifi document was carried at the front of the marches, or was used as the backdrop for the speeches, because of the importance it holds in the argument being made by the demonstrators. The Ghuraifi document is at the very heart of the matter. It was a sign of trust between the regime and the people; the first such sign in a very long time.

* The information for this post was taken from several posts at Chan’ad Bahraini, an incredible blog on Bahrain.*

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