Kleagle Comes Clean

After 40+ Years!

Robert Byrd, the ‘soon to be’ longest serving senator in the history of the United States, came clean in his recent memoirs about his tenure as recruiting Kleagle in the Ku Klux Klan, the job that eventually would land him into politics!Oh, pardon me, that was Grand Dragon in the Ku Klux Klan!!

It certainly seems to be a great fit for the double-standard Democrat Party of today where any insanity is permitted, no behavior is out of line (no matter how times it is repeated) and no sin is too great. In fact, it probably didn’t hurt him much in the 60’s either when the Democrat Senators were trying to block the Civil Rights Legislation from passing.


So, you tell me… is there a double standard in our media, politics, and society today??? Could you imagine a Kleagle in the Republican Party serving for one day, let alone 40 years? And, do you think it would ever be forgotten, ever? Trent Lott is asked to step down from his leadership position by his party members because of a comment he made at a private party. Robert Byrd is a Democratic US Senator for 40 years after the West Virginians found out he had such good recruiting skills as a Kleagle, excuse me, Grand Dragon for the KKK. You tell me!

Update: I wonder if Senator Byrd agrees with this guy?

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