Is Ethiopia Heading to War?

“Today I hear many gun shots and I believe that they are not for animals, but they are for my brothers and sisters.” Dawit, Addis Ababa

Some unusual reports are coming in from bloggers about the Ruling Party Thugs in Addis Ababa. Here are some published comments from the BBC:


The international community has always been making it difficult for poor countries like Ethiopia in their fight against brute dictators. They provide unconditional support to leaders like Meles Zenawi who commit atrocious crimes against their own people. They call them the new leaders of Africa?

As if Africa deserved irresponsible, power mongering leaders. For example, Prime Minister Tony Blair takes Meles as a partner. On the other hand sanctions have been put on Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. What is the difference between Meles and Mugabe?

And this…

I couldn’t believe Ethiopian troops could shoot and kill a sixteen year old female high school student who was shot in the head. The hospital is crowded with victims of violence by this unlawful government, we are facing with a significant shortage of blood, and other emergency medicines, even gauzes and hydro-peroxide for wound cleansing is out. People are everywhere.

Crying mothers are disrupting life saving efforts by the medical team when they find their son/daughter has been dead. There is too much screaming and total havoc. Please America, the UK, the West – where is the compassion for innocent human life? This government will destroy the country and will lead it to tribal warfare if it is not stopped.

And this…

What more do we need to observe for the international community to intervene? More bloodshed or would it be a wise decision to stop it before it escalades in to a modern day Rwanda? Let you be the judge.

A plea for Tony Blair…

Ethiopians in UK have a grave concern regarding the situation in Ethiopia. The UK government should interfere and we need an urgent reply from PM Blair.

Soldiers who don’t understand Amharic?…

In the morning the students were told that there will be exam and they went to school. Right after they got there, they were locked in the compound by the police. Those who tried to complain were beaten and taken in a closed police car, God knows where. Then parents had to go and beg the soldiers to release the rest.

However the soldiers don’t understand Amharic, they only speak Tigrigna and they don’t care if one is a mother or old man. They push and pull everyone. Finally they were released, thank God. On the public media, the federal police and the mayor are threatening the people. I feel like we are 14 years ago back in the communist regime. They are armed, shooting and killing. What option and power do we have except leaving it to God.

A plea for Bush and Blair to intervene…

It is high time President George Bush and Prime minister Tony Blair as well as UN intervene before Ethiopia becomes another Rwanda.

Reader Young Ethiopian Diaspora adds:

The rumor is that the EPRDF is gearing for a Rwanda style Interwhame by heightening teh different ethnic differences… that is why a lot of us are panicked.
Even though people are smart enough to know the difference, Meles and the Democratic Revolutionaries need something as an excuse to “clean house.”

Weighegud ET Politics is an incredible blog to get a feel for the situation on the ground in Ethiopia. And, blogger “ET Wonkette” is one heck of a gifted writer! This is from today’s posting titled,…

“Democratius Interuptus”

In 2005, after witnessing the EPRDF pump live ammunition into an unarmed crowd in the name of preserving democracy, the world’s greatest nations are asking the Opposition party to “show restraint”– the same languid “can’t we all get along” reprimand they gave the Italian government as it continued gassing civilians.

Meanwhile at the ranch…

(Harsh words for Jimmy Carter!)

The strongest condemnation of what happened in Addis… er, Finfinne came from Chris Smith, a Republican Congressman from New Jersey who has called on Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to call off security forces, who by Wednesday evening had killed scores of peaceful protesters, wounded at least 100 others and jailed more than 400 Ethiopians protesting the results of the recent elections in that East African nation.

You see, Jimmy Carter, that’s how it’s done. And that’s all we wanted from you. You can still be best friends with PM Meles. He can still show you his war plans. We just wanted you to say that what happened was more than just “acts of violence that appear to be the result of a lack of restraint on the part of some government security forces.”

That would be nice if actually killing people was considered just a “threat of violence.” Call me old fashioned but when bullets pierce through flesh… we’ve gone beyond a “threat of violence.”

But listen, Opposition- your peddlers of really, really violent… press releases, a little restraint, please? Use the time during your house arrest to write a poem. Organize your sock drawers.

Sweet Lord.

There is much more at Weichegud! ET

Update: (Tuesday AM) Via Young Ethiopian Diasporans…

An elected official from the Opposition Party UEDF was shot by government officials while he sat on his front steps with friends:

Police shot dead a newly-elected Ethiopian opposition lawmaker at the weekend in the first killing of a politician since disputed parliamentary polls last month, an opposition coalition said on Monday.

Beyene Petros, deputy leader of the United Ethiopian Democratic Forces (UEDF), told Reuters that police opened fire at UEDF deputy Tesfaye Aden Jara in Arsi town 180 km (112 miles) southeast of Addis Ababa on Sunday and he had died overnight.

“Tesfaye and his friends were sitting and relaxing when police and opened fire, wounding Tesfaye and his friends,” Petros said. “His relatives took him to Black Lion hospital in Addis Ababa where he died overnight.”

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