Deaths Reported in Ethiopian Violence

Government is blaming the violence on the Opposition…
Ethiopian youth run through the streets armed with “rocks” as they confront government soldiers in Addis Ababa.

Government forces have unloaded on demonstrators today in Ethiopia with reports of 8- 20 people killed…

Ethiopian security forces opened fire Wednesday on stone-throwing protesters in the central business district, and a human rights group said at least 20 people were killed.

Abebe Terfe, executive secretary of the Ethiopian Human Rights Council, said 20 people were killed in a third day of protests over election results. The claim could not immediately be verified, but the group has supplied reliable information in the past.

An Associated Press reporter saw 11 bodies packed into a room in the city’s main hospital, many with gunshot wounds, and was told they represented only some of the casualties. Doctors at another hospital reported two dead bodies were taken to that facility.

Boy, I hope that this is not how these African elections continue! An article out of the Sudan Tribune says just that…

The May 2000 election was a low-key event, which was overshadowed by the EPRDF offensive against Eritrea. This time, Ethiopians should deservedly celebrate their election exercise. A successful management of the tremors and after shocks of this important milestone by Ethiopians is crucial. It would be a positive example for the region and Africa, and could be emulated by all multi ethnic and diverse countries. Conversely, failure could bring disastrous consequences to the country and the region…

The hard working Robert Mayer from Publius Pundit is up early this morning following the story in Ethiopia. He has a great review and analysis of the situation here.

I agree with Robert that Jimmy Carter‘s “rubberstamping” of the election did great harm to this country. (See the latest from this obtuse octogenarian here) But now this country of 70+ million people is left to resolve the volatile situation from within. And, it looks like this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. It would be such a blessing to the suffering continent to see something positive come out of this. The world community was saying things about how this may be the “model election for Africa” before Jimmy came to town. The world community said the same thing about Togo. We all saw how that turned out. But, I am keeping some hope for Ethiopia.

Update: The government has put the leaders of the opposition under house arrest. 22 people have been confirmed dead most of them with gunshot wounds.

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