Damning Tapes in ESL Voter Fraud Trial

The East St. Louis Democratic Voter Fraud Case continued today with the former Deputy East St. Louis Police Chief Rudy McIntosh taking the stand. Today the jurors heard tapes recorded by Rudy McIntosh where democrats discussed the amount they were planning on paying for votes in the November 2nd election. One of those charged, Kelvin Ellis, is also charged with attempted murder of a federal witness and running a prostitution ring from his office. Here is a recap of the damning evidence that the jury heard today:

The jury in the federal vote fraud case in East St. Louis heard undercover recordings today in which vote buying was discussed. The former deputy police chief for East St. Louis took the stand on Friday as a key prosecution witness.

Rudy McIntosh worked undercover for the FBI during the fall election campaign. McIntosh described a series of meetings he participated in with the five defendants, all members of the city’s Democratic party organization. At the time McIntosh was a new precinct committeeman learning the political ropes.


He testified former city official Kelvin Ellis told him how to buy absentee votes for $5 a piece. Defense attorneys repeated objected to testimony. Several times Judge Patrick Murphy sent the jury out of the room to hear their arguments.

One undercover tape played for the jury had McIntosh talking to party leader Charles Powell. McIntosh said “Five dollars a vote ain’t gonna get it.” Powell responded, “I know what you’re saying. Give them five dollars…ten dollars a vote.”

During cross examination, Powell’s attorney Bruce Cook tried to raise questions about McIntosh’s testimony. At one point he accused him of lying. U.S. Attorney Mike Carr strenuously objected and the judge told the jury to ignore cook’s statement.

The five defendants are charged with attempting to buy votes in East St. Louis during the election. The trial will resume on Tuesday.

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