Ceci Says "US Kills Prisoners"

Tonight On “Special Report” on FOXNews Channel, Ceci Connolly stated that…

“The US has killed over a hundred prisoners in US custody.”

Here is the actual exchange:

Connolly: There have been many homicides of prisoners.

Hume: How many?

Connolly: I believe close to a 100.

Hume: A hundred murders?

Connolly: Homicides around the world. In Afghanistan. In Iraq, that have come through Pentagon Investigations.

I couldn’t believe my ears! And, she wasn’t even challenged! It makes me wonder, just who is the enemy? And, who is the mouthpiece of our enemy? I figured they were making fraudulent accusations like this on the left side of the internet and on Al-Qaida sites but had not yet heard this slander stated so “matter of factly” on the MSM.

So I got hold of my friend, Trey Jackson, to see what he could find…

And, thanks to the Incredible Trey Jackson!!

Trey found the video and posted it here.

Also, a quick search on Yahoo for “US foreign prisoner deaths” I came up with 524,000 possible options. On Google I looked for total of foreign prisoners killed by US and came up with 1,330,000 possible stories to choose from! Figures!

I knew this may take a while…

I did find the story on the 2 prisoners that were killed in Afghanistan.

I also found this about foreign prisoner deaths in US custody. And, I remember reading it on Instapundit. And, while it is always a tragedy when there is a homicide in a prison anywhere, (or, any other place!)…

“27” (confirmed or suspected) is a far cry from “Over One Hundred”!

(And, of that 27 confirmed homicides it does not state who was behind them.)

The Army has concluded that 27 of the detainees who died in U.S. custody in Iraq or Afghanistan since 2002 were the victims of homicide or suspected homicide, military officials said in a report released Friday.

The number is higher than Pentagon officials have acknowledged, and it indicates that criminal acts caused a significant portion of the dozens of prisoner deaths that occurred in U.S. custody.

The report by the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command is the first detailed accounting of detainee death cases the military has investigated in those countries.

Most of the incidents cited in the report previously had come to light. Three death cases cited in the documents occurred after the Abu Ghraib scandal in Iraq revealed serious abuses in the military detention system and prompted several high-level investigations into the U.S. military’s prison system worldwide.

The 27 confirmed or suspected homicides occurred during 24 separate incidents, 17 of them in Iraq and seven in Afghanistan. The CID has determined that there were homicides in 16 of the incidents and is continuing to investigate the other eight incidents.

Thus far, the Army has found sufficient evidence to support charges against 21 soldiers in 11 incidents on offenses that include murder, negligent homicide and assault. The five other completed investigations involve personnel from the Navy, other government agencies and foreign armies.

Update: (8:15 CST)I love it! Two and half hours ago Ceci Connolly slandered the US military and now with the help of Trey Jackson and Google the whole world can hear it and see it!

Update 2: The number I quoted was from a quick search and may include “rioting prisoners”, etc. If you have more accurate results feel free to post in the comments section. Thanks!

Update 3: (Tuesday PM) After talking with Ceci and doing some terrific investigative work, Michelle Malkin has given fellow Fox Contributor Ceci Connolly one heck of a “FOX News All-Star Smack Down!”

Please note: I couldn’t find the correct biography link for Ceci so I used the next closest thing!

Update 4: (5:30 PM) Brit Hume During his “Grape Vine” Segment on FOX News Channel’s “Special Report” made a correction to the flawed data that Ceci Connolly delivered last night on the show.

Michelle Malkin recapped his comments:

Update: 6:30 pm Brit Hume corrected the record on Special Report this evening:

Last night on our panel on this broadcast one of the contributors said there were “close to 100 homicides” at US detention facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, while more than 100 detainees have died in US custody in those countries, only about 26 deaths have been investigated as criminal homicides. The AP found that another 20 deaths were due to what the Army called “justifiable homicides” where deadly force was used. Approximately 22 more were from insurgent led mortar attacks on Abu Ghraib prison last year and 29 others were due to suspected natural causes or accidents.

Political Teen has it in video here.

Ah,… feels good! Time to SAVOR the moment!

Fantastic job Trey Jackson, Michelle Malkin, Lorie Byrd at Polipundit, Charles Johnson and the LGF’ers, Instapundit, Political Teen, etc… for bringing attention to Ceci’s slander against our military!

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