Carnival of the Revolutions

This is the sixth week of the revamped “Carnival of the Revolutions”!

Democratic reformers living in “fear societies” don’t necessarily need guns or large wads of cash to succeed. They just need:

– people to “tell their story”
– people to “hear their story”
– people to “know their story”, and
– people to “feel their story”.

These are historic times! There are remarkable events going on in the world today! Here is an opportunity for us as bloggers, small or large, conservative or liberal, western or non-western to make a difference.

We can work together and spread the news that makes us cheer, that makes us proud, that makes us feel, that Proves We’re Free! Let Freedom Ring!

So, in the words of Robert Mayer… “Let’s cut to the chase, down to this past week’s developments in democracy, elections, tyrannous acts, human rights, and pie. Apple pie.”

So How do we save the world? Capenhagen knows…


* A Step at a Time in Chechnya

* Philippine protests against President Gloria Arroyo

* Philippines People Power- What the Bloggers are Saying

* Very cool! The first world gathering in Tirana of opposition and pro-democracy activists.

* Wow,… Check it out! An all English 24 hour TV Station in Russia!

* Is something brewing in Daghestan?

* Corruption Junction in Ukraine.

* Global Voices does a Skypecast interview with a Chinese blogger.

* Pollution Problems are definitely a concern here!

* China remembers Tiananmen this week.

Central Asia

* Nathan Hamm, the Central Asian expert at the Registan, talks about a murder in Kyrgyzstan this week.

* David McDuff submits “Leonid Gankin’s article on “How Islamism came to Uzbekistan” here.

* There are Swedish troops where?

* NATO is reviewing it’s relationship with Uzbekistan… more fallout from the Andijan Massacre.

* Michael Totten responds to questions about Uzbekistan.

* The Peace Corps leaves Uzbekistan.

* Did you know there was a protest in Uzbekistan, yes, Uzbekistan, this week?

* Protests in Azerbaijan this week and no signs that the government cracked down on the Opposition.

* A legend in Azerbaijan.

* A Revolution in Kazakhstan?

* Which world country has the most fit leaders?

Middle East & Asia

* Who would have guessed this four years ago that widows in Afghanistan would protest for the release of an aid worker from the West? And, more good news when she was released this week!

* Lebanon’s Third Round Analysis- The Opposition Goes Head to Head

* Elections are coming up in Iran this week and there has been plenty of news…

* Iran… The week in Review.

* Iranians really hate their country and like the US

* Here’s some wild news about Iran!

* Sunday rare bombings in Ahwaz and Tehran!

* A candlelight protest in Egypt

* Saddam’s legal team is back in the news.

* Syria Conference was strikingly lackluster and here is a post with a video so you can see how they do it in Syria.

* Kurds in Syria protest the “mysterious” death of a cleric.

* Kuwait appoints its first woman minister!

* Will Saudi women go the Kuwaiti way?


* The planned nationwide strikes in Zimbabwe fizzled

* The importance of gun rights!

* Ethiopian Government descends on protesters

* The Ethiopians are crying for help!

* Deaths from the violence in Ethiopia

* Ethiopian Opposition Leaders are put under house arrest.


* Cruel and Unusual plumbing at Gitmo?

* U.S. Describes Even More Cases Of Koran Mishandling

* Is Castro planning a vacation?

* Love that Cuban Healthcare!

* Catching a cab in Cuba.

* Doing Business Brazil Style

** Bolivia was in the news all week and bloggers were on the story as well **

* Bolivia got a new president this week!

* And, now there are rumors of war in the country

Some more highlights here, here, here, here, and Miguel has a great post here

* There were some protests at the OAS Meetings held this week in Fort Lauderdale.

Here is the upcoming schedule for the Carnival of the Revolutions:

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July 18: Boxing Alcibiades
July 25: soapgun blog
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Email [email protected] if you would like to host the Carnival of Revolutions at some point in the future. We prefer that you have some experience blogging on these issues, as it requires a moderate level of expertise to prepare the carnival each week.

The submission deadline is each Sunday evening.. Any blogger can submit a post on the rapid flurry of events we see each week, or on a broader theoretical idea. The criteria are fairly broad, but inclusion of your submission is ultmately up to the host.

To submit a post for inclusion next week, use this submission form.

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