Arabic TV Supporting Attacks on US

According to the Daily Times of Pakistan an Arabic television station is supporting the filming of Taliban and terrorist strikes against the US and Coalition Forces in Afghanistan.

Afghan authorities have arrested two Pakistanis on charges of illegally entering the country to film Taliban attacking US troops and government installations in Kunar province, ANI reported on Monday.

The number of Pakistanis arrested in Afghanistan over the past week rose to five, it said, adding that both men belonged to the NWFP. Kunar Governor Asadullah Wafa said the two men had come with Taliban commander Mulla Ismail to film ambushes against US-led coalition troops, ANI said. However, he did not give the names of the arrested men nor did he provide any details about the cameras or other equipment seized from them, the report said.


Wafa alleged that an Arabic language TV channel had paid Rs 500,000 to both men to film Taliban military operations, it added.

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