A Vietnam Vet's Response to Durbin

Reader Dale P., a Vietnam Veteran, has a few choice words for Senator Durbin and his ilk:

I have read reactions (pro and con) to Durbin’s treacherous words. The worst of the reactions is NO REACTIONs from some of our politicals.

To use this public forum, and one that is scruitinized by our enemies for ANY word that SUPPORTS them, and this surely does, IS an act of a traitor and I do not care who views it differently. The Democrat of the old party is dead. The New Democrat should be, for they represent only hatred for our nation UNLESS of course it is THEIR agenda (no room for debate or it is blocked under whatever word they wish to color it).


Like others, I have shot off an email to Turbin Dick, but I am sure they will be deleted, because, as I read here recently, “there ain’t no truth if there ain’t no truth”, and they (Durbin, et al) cannot stand it.

I love this country and once fought for it. I have NEVER not thought I would not fight for it again. However, THIS time through, I would be most selective, for I no longer believe all are Americans, though they would say they are and utter their feeble ‘but I support the troops’ too often, too late, and too unbelievable.

Frankly, perhaps it is time for these fools to have term limits and get fresh blood – on both sides of the aisle! In there every 6 years and the ones that served can never go back. They have made a mockery of our government. Yes, both sides, although the Republicans are somewhat more digestible, because I think they try to DO something viable more often than not.

I am SO damn angry over this, I could do more than spit. I have heard and read about the potential for getting some more animation going out amongst the ‘muddied masses’ to respond to him and if that happens, I will be as close to the front of the line as I can get. I am not one for getting very open about my soul, but sometimes one has to ‘come out’.

There is so much that could be done but one thing I feel, the Republicans, on this one, had best get their act together and denounce the SOB and any that side with him! I want to see President Bush openly denounce him – not his press secretary. I know how I felt when people were spitting on returning military in VN days and I was still fighting.

And another thing, as far as I am concerned, it is NOT about being cool in the eyes of the world as to how we handle these murderers and would-be assassins. They are just plain lucky they were not summarily shot to start with! If it takes hanging them up by their balls, dammit, to find out what treachery is next against man or beast, so be it.

Powerline has a letter from Former Speaker Newt Gingrich to members of the Senate. Newt suggests the Senate censure Senator Durbin for his defamation of our military.

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