Zarqawi Killed?

Hammorabi is speculating today…

The latest US and Iraqi forces attack especially in Ramadi and Qaiem resulted in sever damages to the thugs’ bases. This time the situation was quiet different from Faluja because some of the tribes and the people fought with the Iraqi forces against the terrorists. They organized themselves in brigades called (Al-Hamza). Zarqawi groups in a statement published today admitted heavy losses because of this.

Possibly Zarqawi has been killed during these attacks. The statement of his groups were today issued under the name of his deputy (Abo-Abdrahmn) and a finger print for his DNA test has been requested from Jordan. On the other hand the doctor who treated him in Ramadi confessed that his injuries were more or less fatal.

Hammorabi has had some terrific posts from Iraq since I started reading his blog. This would be terrific news and since there are no comments, yet, I am guessing that this is hot off his finger tips.

Update: (4:55 PM) Thanks to the LGF’ers… There is also news of his demise from this Italian news source:

The Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is “serious injured, possibly dead” according to Colonel Fouad Hani Hassan, commander of the fifth division of the Iraqi armed forces, cited by ‘Elaph’, a popular website in the Arab world. Al-Zarqawi, considered al-Qaeda’s leader in Iraq, is believed to have been injured in the major offensive US-led forces have been carrying out in the western Anbar province over the last few days.

Operation Matador is centred around the town of Qaim, just a few kilometres from the Syrian border, and is aimed at destroying the strongholds of foreign fighters coming over the border into Iraq to join the insurgency. It’s the fourth day of violent fighting around the town, which has been surrounded by troops since Saturday night. Bombing is said to be heavy in Qaim, where there has been house-to-house fighting between troops and insurgents.

The satellite TV channel Al-Arabiya reported on Wednesday that two US military helicopters were brought down during clashes in villages near Qaim, where military aircraft had been carrying out bombing raids to root out Islamic militants from their hideouts.

On Tuesday, Raja Nawaf, the newly-appointed governor of the Anbar province was kidnapped near Qaim and his family was told he would only be released if US troops pulled out of the town. A US military spokesman responded to the news by reiterating that they do not give in to terrorist demands.

While Operation Matador is not specifically aimed at catching al-Zarqawi, Brig. Gen. James Conway told a Pentagon news briefing on Tuesday that “it would be a welcome event to come across him or his body.”

This is the biggest US military operation since the offensive on the rebel-held town of Fallujah in November last year. More than 1,000 troops are involved and at least 15 US soldiers are said to have died in the fighting so far. The US military claims some 100 militants have been killed, but inside sources have admitted that they have encountered strong resistance in the town, with the insurgents demonstrating a high level of training.

Update: (5:07)The Jawa Report posted this same article yesterday.

Also, here and here.

Update: (6:13 PM) Soldier’s Dad, commenting at Hammorabi , has some more on the story…

Canadian terrorist mouthpiece site, Jihad Unspun there is a statement from the “Deputy Al Queda in Iraq”.

Marines raided a hospital in Ramadi last week that was heavily sandbagged. (Why set up a fighting position unless someone important was being treated?)

Standing and fighting in Fallujah made sense, it was a major metropolitan area, why stand and fight in a village of a few hundred? Just move to another village.

Then there is this statement Ansar Al Sunnah(if you are a little terrorist, you don’t claim to be the biggest, unless something happened to the biggest)

“Jaish Ansar Asunnah, having become on of the biggest and most feared Mujahideen groups operating inside Iraq, were very active yesterday. In addition to massive attacks on Iraqi collaborators, the group also attacked an American humvee, destroying the vehicle and all those on board, and hit the American 8th division with a barrage of rockets.”

As a side note, mnf-iraq announced the arrest of an ansar al sunna rocket team…

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