UN Calls for US Investigation

The UN called for the US to open its Afghanistan air base to UN investigators as a New York Times article this month examined past abuses at the airbase (from 2002). Seven military personnel were already sentenced for abuses at the base.

The United Nations has renewed its calls for the US to open up its controversial Bagram air base to Afghan human rights investigators.

The call follows the leaking of a US army report detailing abuses including the torture and killing of two Afghans.


The UN’s special representative in Afghanistan said such abuses were “utterly unacceptable”.

New details of abuses at the Bagram airbase, including the torture of Afghan detainees there, were published on Friday by the New York Times.

The newspaper quoted extensively from a 2,000-page document leaked from a US army investigation into the Bagram abuses.

Seven US servicemen have already been charged in relation to two deaths at Bagram in 2002.

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