Thousands Rally in Bahrain

Protesters in Sanabis rally for Constitutional Reforms

Protesters in Bahrain took to the streets again on Friday demanding that the king continue his reform initiative:

The demonstrators rallied in Sanabis village west of Manama and chanted slogans demanding constitutional reforms. Organizers said the rally drew 30,000 people, but independent sources put the number at 6,000.


“Taking to the streets does not contradict dialogue with authorities… it complements it,” Sheikh Ali Salman, head of the Islamic National Accord Association (INAA), the main political formation of Bahrain’s Shiite majority, told AFP.

“The opposition is counting on the king to introduce constitutional amendments because he played a major role in the reform drive,” he said.

Salman and leaders of three allied groups — the leftist National Democratic Action Association, the pan-Arabist Nationalist Democratic Rally, and the Shiite Islamic Action Association — led the protest, the second since late March.

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