Sri Lankan Protesters Killed

Police in Sri Lanka today opened fire on a group of protesters at a checkpoint crossing as reported in Asian News:

Sri Lankan Police opened fire Monday when Tamil activists attending a rally demanded the removal of a new Army checkpoint in Batticoloa.

“One demonstrator was killed and another 15 were wounded,”said our l reporter.


Five women were among those wounded when soldiers and police fired for over 10 minutes at Chanthiveli, Batticaloa.

Scandinavian ceasefire monitors and reporters it was reported, as witnessed the incident.

Over 2,000 people, including children from the schools were protesting on both sides of the checkpoint and demanded that a security checkpoint there be removed.

The Sri Lanka Army checkpoint was established recently between Kiran and Morakkeddanchenai, and it has raised anxieties amongst local residents, including parents of children attending a school in the area. Residents said it was one of three established checkpoints during the last two days in the area.

The AP is reporting that the protesters were pelting the officers with stones at least that is what the military spokesman is saying:

About 300 demonstrators, including some schoolchildren, had assembled near the town of Valaichchenai to demand that a security checkpoint there be removed in a protest the military said was instigated by Tamil Tiger rebels.

“They became violent and started throwing stones,” Ratnayake said. “Police opened fire in the air. Later, one body of a demonstrator was found. We are investigating the cause of death.”

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