Sloppy in Seattle

As one American Blogger works to change the political landscape in Canada, another American MSM columnist works to push the party line, but with much less success.

Joel Connelly of the Seattle Post- Intelligencer (Intelligencer?) tries to work his liberal magic into British Columbia.

After polls showed his party’s lead had slipped, British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell slipped into an attack mode that is a proven formula for right-thinking politicians in the United States and Canada.


(Don’t you love that? Libs can call a wartime president a “lyar”, a “loser”, and a “draft dodger” and the only thing they lose is elections because most Americans still believe in integrity, confidence and courage! )

Going negative will likely work here for a simple reason: On both sides of the 49th Parallel, news media have let the conservative movement go about defining and demonizing those with whom it disagrees.

( That’s a laugh! Joel needs to pay more attention to the ratings wars. There’s a reason that FOXNews has more viewers than the rest of the the cable news channels combined and it’s not because they are all conservative! )

Voters have grown conditioned to hearing outfits that fight for a living wage, or rights of consumers, or clean air and water, tagged with the label “special interest groups.”

Educated people are scorned as “the elites.” Advocates of women’s rights are labeled enemies of “traditional values.”

( Uh, Joel, “elitists” are called “elitists” because of their “elitism” not because they are educated. They just happen to be teaching in most of the American universities (see FrontPage ). And, women’s rights to most Ameicans means “Abortion” which is not a “traditional family value!”)

You know you could just rotate these lib writers from one newspaper to the next and not miss a beat since they all have the same liberal ideas and delusions. But, I am hoping that Joel stays put in Seattle. We already have our hands full with the liberal writers at the Post Dispatch continuously disgorging their politics on this Red State.

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