Saudi Arabia- Terrorist Factory

Saudi Arabia via Syria is providing for much of the terrorist attacks in Iraq today. This week Hammorabi talks about a terrorist who blew himself up in Iraq and the call his family got back in Saudia Arabia:

Ziad Ibrahem Al-Thniyan from Al-Badaiaa in Saudi Arabia suddenly informed his family 3 weeks ago that he is going to go to Riyadh. Few days latter he phoned them from Syria telling them that he is outside the country and may take him long time to come back. He never contacted them again! Few days latter the family received a phone call from an unknown caller to inform them about he was killed in Iraq. The caller phoned back to confirm the name and the details!

Rashed Hamad Al-Shibermy from the same area hasn’t informed his wife or father where he is going to 3 weeks ago. Few days ago they received the same call as above to tell them that he was killed in Iraq!


Also, the Saudi Institute via the Saudi Arabian newspaper, Al Watan says the authorities are holding terrorists caught trying to get into Syria:

Syrian authorities are holding 137 Saudi nationals suspected of trying to cross into Iraq, where militants have been waging a two-year insurgency since the U.S. invasion, the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan said on Thursday.

Citing unnamed sources it said the detainees included 62 in the Syrian city of Deir al-Zour and 25 in the town of Albukmal — both near the Iraqi border — as well as others held in jails run by security forces.

The newspaper also published the names of 17 men it said were among the 137 Saudi detainees.

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