Rockin and Rollin in Eastern Europe!

You’ve got to love this!

I just got this in my email:

I am from Europe, and I am strong supporter of President Bush.


Bush has many friends here in Easter Europe. Those of us who remembers oppression and value freedom, feel a special bond to Bush.

Thank you, Mr. Bush! You have a special place in all our hearts.

Denes, Hungary

Even Western Europe is showing “W” some love today…

This from Spain…

From Spain:
Congratulations Mr. Bush.
God Bless America!! (and Georgia)


Oh, Oh, Oh! …and check this comment out at BarcePundit (You really need to click on this spanish blog to believe it!)

Interesantísimo y en especial “The staunchly pro-American Baltic nations, who were recently admitted, have already begun infuriating the foreign policy of appeasement and inaction worked by France and Germany.” da que pensar!

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